Impact and Public Engagement

10 february 2019

Rob Gleave in conversation with Jack Weinstein, as part of the Philosophy in Public Life on Why? Radio – podcast can be downloaded here:

27 july 2018

Rob Gleave gave a talk at the AKU University in London titled “Sharia and Modernity: How Islamic Law has developed in the contemporary Period”.

19 June 2018

Rob Gleave gave the talk: “Islamic Studies, Orthodoxy and the Impact Agenda” at the workshop Islamic Studies in the UK: Challenges, Opportunities and Emerging Agendas held at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London.

4 February 2017

Eirik Hovden interview at the web pages of on the situation in Yemen.

16 December 2017

Eirik Hovden, Bergens Tidende, “Maktvakuum etter Salihs død”, (paper version). Online access (pay wall)

18 October 2017

Eirik Hovden gave a public lecture on Yemeni history and society. Stavanger kulturhus Sølvberget, Stavanger, Norway.

17-19 October 2017

Mahmood Kooria presented at the conference “From Damascus to Mindanao: The Longue-durée of Islamic Texts in the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean Worlds” at Ruhr-Universitat, Bochum. His paper was titled “Traveling Texts and Inter-Religious Exchanges and Encounters”.

12 October 2017

Nijmi Edres contributed to the organization of the public lecture “Traditionalizing Modernity” held in Göttingen on October 12th 2017, by Dr. Joseph Massad, Professor of Modern Arab Politics and Intellectual History at the Department of Middle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies (MESAAS), Columbia University/New York, as part of the conference “Gender and Shari’a in Muslim Legal Theory and Practice”. The conference was an opportunity of knowledge exchange between academics and practitioners and involved Muslim judges such as qadi Somoud al-Damiri, who sent a paper that was read during the conference, and qadi Iyad Zahalka, who was present as a speaker.

10 october 2017

Knut Vikor gave a talk for the MedHum (Medical Humanitarium Action) kick off event in Bergen. His paper was entitled “The Syrian Civil War: Background and Present Status”.

4 October 2017

Eirik Hovden gave a presentation about the current crisis in Yemen at IMER (Bergen International Migration and Ethnic Relations Unit), University of Bergen, Norway. “Why are more fleeing from Yemen? 

26 September 2017

Eirik Hovden presented a lecture on recent historical developments in Yemen for teachers and pupils in Norwegian “Videregående” (A-levels). FN-Sambandet i Stavanger (United Nations Association of Norway), Stavanger, Norway.

17 September 2017

Mahmood Kooria participated in a workshop at Oxford titled “Islamicate Networks in the Early Modern World: Global and Regional Impact” organised by Talal Al-Azem and Moin Nizami. His paper was titled “Several Waves of Islamic Law in the Indian Ocean World around 1500 CE”. 

14 September 2017

Mahmood Kooria participated in a conference at Hannover titled “A Secular Age beyond the West: Modes of Secularity in Asia” organized by Mirjam Künkler, Shylashri Shankar, Claudia Derichs and Tine Stein. His paper was titled “Fuqaha Estate and State: Islamic law in the premodern Islamic world”. 

30 August 2017

Eirik Hovden presented a lecture on the parties of the conflict in Yemen for social science teachers in Norwegian “Videregående” (A-levels). FN-Sambandet i Tromsø (United Nations Assosiation of Norway), Tromsø, Norway

26 July 2017

Omar Anchassi gave a two hour session introducing Islamic Law to sixth-form students from disadvantaged backgrounds considering attending university.

20 June 2017

Nijmi Edres submitted an informative report on the USPPIP project to the German journal “Zeitschrift für Recht und Islam”€. The title of the contribution was “Understanding Sharia: Past Perfect/Imperfect Present”€ Project Report.

20 March 2017

Omar Anchassi participated in the Sixth Annual Multaqa, a meeting of over sixty Imams, muftis and academics specialising in Islamic law. The day was devoted to exploring issues of adoption and fostering in the British legal context and how Sharī`a   jurists should engage with them.

28 February 2017

Rob Gleave gave a talk to Broadhembury WI about “Understanding religious Conflicts in the Middle East”.€

18 November 2016

Rob Gleave and a group of PhD students gave an “Introduction to Islam”€ session to 7-11 year olds at a local primary school in the Devon Village of Clyst Hydon.

3 november 2016

Liton and Syeda Choudhury case: Cardiff crown court: expert report on alleged materials relating to Islamist terrorism.

22 september 2016

Working with six-formers with the Brilliant Club  providing sessions on free speech, Islam and terrorism.