Summer and Autumn Schools Report

USPPIP convened two School weeks for early career scholars, nearing completion of their PhD or recently graduated.  

The USPPIP project hosted two Early Career Researcher schools, the first (Summer School) was held in Exeter (8th - 14th July 2018) and the second (Autumn School) was held in Leiden (11th - 17th November 2018).

At both events, a group of 10 early career researchers gathered with USPPIP team members to share research findings, conduct peer review on each other’s written work, and produce original source translated texts exemplifying the use of the past in Islamic legal discourse.  Participants came from across the world – from Indonesia to north America, and from various academic and backgrounds and at different stage of doctoral or postdoctoral studies.  The material and the discussions enriched scholarship and provided an excellent opportunity for emerging scholars in the field to share research and develop international contacts.  In addition to the seminars and lectures, the team also went spent time together on some non-academic activities – the photos record trips to areas around Exeter and visits to Amsterdam and the Hague from Leiden.

Summer School Participants:

Rob Gleave, Omar Anchassi Tayyeb Mimouni (Exeter USPPIP)

Nijmi Edres (Goettingen USPPIP)

Eirik Hovden and Knut Vikor (Bergen USPPIP)

Monika Lindbekk; Lara-Lauren Goudarzi-Gereke; Elham Bakhtary; Domnik Krell; Aysegul Simsek; Mina Khalil; Hatice Kübra Kahya; Mukhsin Achmad; Maryam Rutner.

Autumn School Participants:

Mahmood Kooria (Leiden USPPIP)

Rob Gleave and Omar Anchassi (Exeter USPPIP)

Nijmi Edres (Goettingen USPPIP)

Knut Vikor (Bergen USPPIP)

Mahmoud Afifi; Asnakech Getnet; Ari Schriber; Kubra Nugay; Magomed Gizbulaev; Rehanna Nurmohamed; Elias Saba; Bekti Lantong; Sayed MuhsinSumeyra Yakar.