28-29 June 2018 “Uses of the Past: Islamic International Law and the Problem of Translation. Concepts and Applications”, University of Göttingen

This workshop, organized by the Göttingen team at Göttingen University, will deal with Islamic legal narratives and practices of international law in the contemporary world and in the context of the complex political structures characterizing the Muslim world. In greater detail, the workshop will address the question of the definition and the role of Islamic international Law in today’s global world; the working modalities of scholars discussing it and their reference to the past (siyar) in developing it; modalities of navigation of Muslim legal scholars and Muslim modern nation states between International law and Muslim jurisprudential understandings regarding conflicts over territory, population, community and governance; strategies of “translation” of international conventions into Muslim legal discourses; reference to Islamic early and classical law when dealing with International Islamic law;  main Muslim legal concepts re-defined to respond to a dominating, conflicting international order.

The workshop project will critically engage and add to the increasing stream of scholarship committed to making visible the voices, interests, defeats and victories of non-Western Muslim international scholars.

Please find the programme here.

Keynote lectures:

Professor Shaheen Sardar Ali (Warwick): “Filiation and children’s rights in international law: A socio-legal analysis of Muslim states’ engagement with international legal provisions concerning adoption and kafala.”


Professor Maurits S. Berger (Leiden): “How Islamic is Islamic International Law?”

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